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The Guadalupe River Park provides a majestic setting for an outdoor escape. This long river is located in central California and offers abundant natural beauty and wildlife. The park is part of the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes National Estuarine Research Reserve, an important sanctuary for many rare and endangered species like the Western snowy plover, California tiger salamander, and the San Joaquin kit fox. It is also a center for outdoor recreation, providing visitors with kayaking, fishing, bird watching, and nature walks. With its rich diversity of habitats, the park is a natural oasis, offering visitors a tranquil refuge from the hustle of urban life. The park is situated along the banks of the Guadalupe River. Visitors can walk along the riverside trails, which provide stunning views of the river and its surrounding landscape. Along the way, they will come across lush green meadows, wooded forests, and riparian habitats. Learn more here.

As the river connects these habitats, visitors can see many of the park’s native species, such as the California golden beaver, the foothill yellowthroat, and the American dipper. The Guadalupe River Park also allows visitors to experience the surrounding ecosystems. Situated in a wilderness area north of San Luis Obispo, the park provides visitors a slower-paced experience than in the more developed regions of central California. Here, visitors can observe the habitats of the park’s more than 140 species of birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. The park also offers several camping sites and is a favorite spot for geocaching, where visitors can search out hidden treasure caches in small containers. In addition to its rich diversity of native wildlife and habitats, the Guadalupe River Park is also renowned for its historical significance to the Chumash, an indigenous group of Native Americans. The Chumash people were the area’s original inhabitants, and the river was once a major trade and cultural center for the tribe. Visitors can take guided tours of the park and learn about the importance of the river and its significance to the Chumash people. Learn more about Exploring the Nature of Guadalupe River Park.